What is the European Talent Mobility Forum?

Following an invitation from Future Place Leadership, nine leading European entities in regional talent attraction and retention have formed an alliance dedicated to go above and beyond in welcoming international talent and increasing mobility between regions. Berlin Partner, Bizkaia TalentBrainport DevelopmentCopenhagen Capacity, International Citizen Hub LundMove to GothenburgTalentScotlandTurku Business Region and Work in Estonia have all joined forces.

"We have carefully selected what we deem are the public or public/private partnerships, who are both the thought leaders and frontrunners in Europe. Their openness to knowledge sharing and collaboration across regions in this exciting place branding and economic development industry is an example to follow.“ - Director of Talent Attraction, Future Place Leadership, Morten King-Grubert

The timing may seem a bit odd in the midst of a global pandemic:

  • Why talk talent attraction and retention, when our economies are bleeding and companies are fighting for survival?

  • Why talk about mobility when mobility is forbidden?

  • Why talk about international talent and relocation when borders are closed?

The counter argument:

We need the best and brightest international talent to create the growth we need to help our economies recover! And we already have global talent living away from home. We need to support them as they are struggling in a foreign land with job insecurity, visa challenges related to stimuli package layoffs and social exclusion.

European Talent Mobility Forum was launched in summer 2020 with a live webinar discussing how all regions can identify the right next steps to recover their economies with global talent as a key driver. The event gained interest from close to a 200 government representatives, regional economic development boards, city leaders, global talent, innovation & startup hubs, universities, place branders and place makers literally from all over the world.


Find the webinar here.

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